Creative Alternatives to the Courtroom

These clients – and hundreds more – know the difference working with Bob Bordett.

The mediation process was by far the best way for me to get through my divorce with as little disruption to my children and me as possible. Thank you for helping me close a chapter in my life with grace and dignity.

– Mary A., Atlanta

And Bob, thank you so much for being so even-handed, calm and informed. Your experience and demeanor have been invaluable!

– Jean W., Atlanta

I wanted to let you know that without your help, we would likely have ended up spending much more in attorney fees. Without your skills, we would have likely ended up with a judge making the decision for us which I believe is not the way to finalize something like this. Thank you again.

– Jack S., Atlanta

During my divorce, Bob was diligent, professional and patient. It was very reassuring to know that I could call on Bob when I had questions and rely on his expertise.

– Dree H., Atlanta