Creative Alternatives to the Courtroom

The Advantages of Mediation

Mediation begins when couples make the decision to divorce, then choose a mediator. Mediation has several advantages, including the fact that divorcing couples remain in control of their own fate, giving them the power to make important decisions concerning their children and their property. Mediation is also:

  • A controlled discussion intended to create a jointly beneficial resolution for a divorcing couple,
  • Facilitated by a neutral third party mediator, and could include individual representation for each spouse, as well as expert resources available to answer questions regarding real estate, finances, or even children’s scheduling,
  • Efficient and can give spouses control over the outcome of their situation.

Most mediated cases can be completed over a course of several sessions, whereas litigation can be a lengthy process involving battles in court and the need to spend a lot of money. Litigation also involves the need to air your dirty laundry in public, as everything said in court becomes public record. Mediation is done in private, with only the final negotiated results becoming public record.

Mediation is growing in popularity as a means by which couples can divorce without the bitter, drawn out litigation process. The benefits, results, and feelings of satisfaction that mediation provides can help couples avoid problems down the road, that they may otherwise deal with through litigation.